Natural Supplements / Wormers / Flea Treatments

This is a pick and choose list. Please note, the products listed below are given for information purposes only and are what I use and what works for us. If you do use any of the products, then please check the amount given to suit your own pet. There are other stockists available, examples only given for reference.

Product & Type Example Stockists Link to Stockists How Much/Often Benefits
Coconut Oil – Pure, Unrefined, Organic, Extra Virgin Cocomutts/Costco/Clearday Raw Feeds code sibe10 for discount and donation to SASD Gradually build up to around 1 tsp per 10lbs body weight Great for coat/skin conditions, digestion, immune system, metabolic function & bone health. Can also aid weight loss. Can also be used topically i.e. on hotspots
Salmon Oil Cocomutts code sibe10 for discount and donation to SASD 2-3 tsp per day I use this mainly as my dogs cannot digest fish so I know they are still getting their Omega oils. Also has a ton of benefits as above.
Pumpkin Puree – Pure Amazon Amazon 1 tbsp per day when needed Aids with constipation and diarrhoea
Apple Cider Vinegar – Organic, Raw, Unfiltered, Mother Clearday Raw Feeds/Amazon Clear Day Raw Foods
1 capful per day in water or food. Can also be mixed with water for a spray on coat Aids the control of parasites, can relieve arthritis, helps to prevent bladder stones & urinary tract infections.Also great as a natural cleanser for ears etc
Billy No Mates – Dry or Liquid Form CSJ/Neem Team CSJ WebsiteBilly No Mates Link 5ml scoop per day of dry or 5ml per day of liquid Natural Flea, Mite & Tick repellant
Flea Away All Natural Pet Products All Natural Pet FB Group 2 squirts to the neck and base of tail once a week Flea repellent that isn’t given orally.
Diatomaceous Earth – Food Grade Imbali Ridgebacks Imbali Ridgebacks Daily. Dosage is weight dependant but between 1tsp-2tbsp per day Numerous benefits and can be taken by humans, dogs, cats etc. Great as a wormer & removing parasites as well as a never ending list of other benefits
Four Seasons Wormer Neem Team Four Seasons Wormer Link 1ml per month Natural Wormer