Age: 7 Months (Dec 18).

Sex: Female.

Breed: Siberian Husky.

Issues: Normal Pup Training Required.

             : No Intact Males.

Spayed/Neutered:  No, But would need to be arranged.

Chipped: Yes

Papers: No

Suitable with: Other dogs and older children

Fostered with:  SASD


Ember is a very bouncy playful pup full of energy.

She is a very loving girl can occasionally get over excited when giving you kisses and may give you a little nip if you have a beard.

She is house trained however after her food will need to be let straight out else she will pee in the house.

She needs a home where she can be her puppy self playing with toys and will need a lot of training as she is easily distracted in a house of three others.

She is a counter and bin diver and is drawn to food and will snatch if your not careful,she needs an experienced home with ideally a friend to play with .

She is a very loving and affectionate pup loves kisses and will lie in your arms like a baby you can do anything to her she is a very sweet natured girl.

Ember walks well with others on a harness she loves people so will be drawn to them when walking trying to get a fuss she is timid at first in a new home but is very good with other dogs.

As a pup some dogs may find her annoying as she loves licking other dogs especially there mouth and ears. She loves toys and loves to run.