Everyone meet Bungle.

Bungle is a 2 year old Husky, who with the help of the dedicated people at Rushton Animal Rescue, was rescued from the Chinese Meat Trade and is now with us at S.A.S.D.

You can see in the pictures, the terrible state he was in but we are pleased that for him, his new life starts here in the U.K.


On the 24th Nov 2018, Sammie and Cameron drove from base all the way to the Folkestone Eurotunnel Terminal to collect Bungle and bring him back.

That's a round trip of some 640 miles. To give you some perspective, that like driving from Buckingham Palace to Prague! Well Done both of you.




It is likely that you will have noticed that Bungle has an issue with his front left leg.

On 25th Nov 2018 Bungle went to the vets to have a check over and a look at his leg.

An x-ray was taken which can be seen on the right →

It is quite clear that at some point in his short life, Bungle has suffered from a broken leg which has been allowed to heal it the position it was, leading to Bungle having a bowed leg. Although this doesn't cause him any major issues getting around, you can see there is a "hook" of bone pressing on his skin and this is causing some damage so needs to be removed.

Bungle is booked in with the vet to have the operation to remove the hook this coming Friday (30th November).

Apart from his leg, the vet confirms he is in very good condition and his temperament is amazing, even after all he has been through!


Leg Xray

Now for the begging bit!

It goes without saying that the rescue is only the first part in Bungle's journey and he has lots still to endure before he can placed up for adoption.

Surgery, Health checks, Vaccinations, Chipping....  Not forgetting the basics of food and bedding!

All these things cost money and this is why the rescue needs your donations SO much.


Please donate what you can to the rescue. Even £1 helps us towards our goal and hey, if enough is raised, we could even save another Bungle!

Wouldn't that be great?

For details on how to donate, Click on the link below.

Thank You So Much


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~~~~~~~~~~~  Good News Alert ~~~~~~~~~~~


Bungle has a Furever Home!


The rescue has been contacted by one of its members offering Bungle his Furever Home!

Apparently it was Love at First Sight for Linda and Dave Harris.


So following his Surgery this Friday and a small recovery period, Bungle will be moving in with his hooman's.

We are confident he will continue to melt the hearts of everyone he meets and will act as a great ambassador for S.A.S.D.


Way To Go Bungle