Meet 3 year old Storm. Storm has some trust issues and will need a home where you are willing to give him time to trust you. He is very protective of people and would be best in a home where there is only one male owner and no children. Storm can be with other dogs but mainly females. He is a very intelligent boy and would make an excellent service/working dog. He loves to play ball and tug of war and walks out in the countryside where he likes to find the biggest stick! Storm has started training as a pulling dog and would be great for scooters. There is a lot of fun to be had with this boy for the right person! His bark is worse than his bite don’t be put off by this as you just need to earn his trust! Once earned he will even give you a sneaky cuddle every now and again! If you think you can offer him a space in your home and heart please get in contact.

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